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my letter to you


my open letter to you,

I see you and I hear you.  

Hang in there because things do get better.  Having emotional pain or difficulty coping is not your fault and it's no different than having a broken leg or being diagnosed with heart disease. You are way more than whatever you are going through and it does not define who you are or who you will be as a person.

Stop comparing yourself to other people because your journey is unique and only you can truly understand and provide healing to wounded parts.

Whether you have been in therapy before or this is your first time, I believe that therapy can be a pleasant experience for everyone. Choosing to attend therapy speaks of your strength because you are willing to explore your feelings, your fears, and change those things in your life that are causing noise.  

I am honored to be part of your journey and to hold your hand through the process.




My approach to therapy

integrative — collaborative — inclusive


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